Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So ...

It's been a quiet week. They all seem to be quiet weeks these days. But Little Tyke at least had one of those perfect days where he was either awake and happy and easy to play with and entertain, or asleep, giving Mommy a chance to do some housework and be productive. He was hard to feed today for both Ari and I - and has had some trouble eating-wise with his sitter too, this week - so I'm thinking he might be teething, which would make his mouth sensitive ... he seems okay in every other way though.

Tonight he ate - or rather played with - some pasta and tomato sauce. SO funny, until he got some in his eyes ... not so fun, waterworks ensue of course, but the bath, with his new bath toys we bought him for his birthday, more than made up for it I think - his first bath in the Big Boy Tub. :) Yep ... I will be happy for regular work and a steady paycheck, but meanwhile this focus on what I do have, being a mom etc. thing is pretty awesome. :D Lovesit. Hope the week's going okay for everyone else out there too - looking forward to seeing Little Tyke's grandparents ... which I guess sorta kinda means Ari's and my parents - on the weekend to belatedly celebrate his birthday. :) I will try to post Friday but in case I don't get the chance, it might be a few days until my next post so please bear with and have a great rest of the week, and possibly weekend. Xs and Os from Ottawa.

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