Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend and Taylor Swift

So ... it's been an eventful yet quiet weekend all at the same time if that's possible; yesterday we went to Synagogue here in Ottawa. Definitely an interesting experience but I'm not sure if it's quite where Ari feels like pitching his tent yet religiously or culturally speaking so we'll be trying out another one in a couple of weeks to see if it's a better fit. Meanwhile though it was fun and the people there were lovely; not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. Today I went to the Remembrance service at my new church, focusing on the sacrifices that women, too, have made in wartime as well as child soldiers. Lots coming up at the church too that excites me very much. I think I've found myself a new spiritual home and I hope Ari does as well. It being a nice day after church I picked up Ari and Little Tyke and we spent the day out at the park and then at the mall Christmas list-making/window shopping. So as I said ... lots we've been doing but nothing too strenuous or stressful.

The week ahead, looking slightly more eventful than the last lol. I'm on a list of substitute teachers now (or will be as of tomorrow when my paperwork goes through), so I could get calls for work anytime (or a ways into the future ... all depends as usual). And there's always the usual run-around-ness of being a mom should work not pop up. LT is on the verge of walking (he can stand on his own for longer and longer periods of time now), so that's just made my job all new kinds of interesting lol. Speaking of him, he'll be the star next weekend as it's his birthday. We'll be going to church and then to Montreal for the afternoon to celebrate his birthday, as well as Ari's a week later, and my grandpa's a few days after that, with my grandparents, and LT's grandparents and my brother will be up the following weekend for his actual first birthday party. I can't believe the little 5-pound lie-about we took home from the hospital in December last year is going to be one; it's absolutely fabulous! :) So exciting.

So bottom line, I should be blogging as we go next week, but if I did get busy and miss a few days on which I'd have normally blogged, I'm letting you know why now. :) In the meantime, feast your eyes and ears on this hilarious bit of fun from Taylor Swift hosting last night's Saturday Night Live episode. :) She is SO cute and funny and absolutely doesn't take herself too seriously, no pretentions, she is incredibly refreshing and fun. Sure, I suppose namechecking guys in songs is a bit of an immature and teenage thing to do but hey, if they did dirt first, I have to admit to a lack of sympathy on that front. And it makes for some cute and well-written pieces of music that actually looks more honestly than many people older than her at teenage relationships and what they're all about - good AND bad. :) Anyway what was I ... oh right. Taylor Swift on SNL last night. Here's the video:

Last but not least, by the way, a major congrats to our friends down south of the border for getting healthcare reform past the first hurdle last night in an incredibly close vote in the house of representatives. May the Senate and the committees charged with seeing this through the rest of the way have the wisdom their congressional peers did. Godspeed, Obamacare. :D

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