Friday, November 6, 2009

Respect for Remembrance Day ...

Remembrance day has always been very important in my family; my grandfather is a veteran of World War II, my uncle was a peacekeeper in the Middle East, and my brother is a former cadet and reservist with friends serving in Afghanistan. I understand it might not represent as much to others if their families don't have the history of military service, especially as the veterans of the World Wars and Korea are getting older and sadly fading into history. All I have asked is for respect in that I observe it with a great deal of solemnity, and that others are able to do so as well. Especially when we are currently engaged in a warzone, putting young men and women in harms way, and when those attempting to observe and remember are the young people who are at such risk of forgetting as veterans become "great-grands" and "lates".

That is why it disturbed me so very much when a friend of mine recounted witnessing today, the manager of Chapters in Waterloo harrassing a young cadet attempting to sell poppies outside the store. On a cold day such as this honestly, my first instinct would be to offer the kid a free small hot chocolate or tea or coffee from the attached Starbucks, honestly, but at the very least respect that this youngster is attempting to honour people who truly know the meaning of sacrifice, and whose memory can always bring me back from both pity parties and lethargy with an awakening thud. It is especially sad that such a thing would happen at a store full of history in book, magazine and DVD format. Living in Ottawa where so many stores will actually even be CLOSED Wednesday morning, to hear that one couldn't even be bothered to be respectful to a cadet using its premises to sell poppies OUTSIDE, saddened me greatly. If it does you as well, please take the time to call or write the store (easily found in phonebooks or on Canada 411/Google/etc.). At the very least, don't forget to buy your poppies and take your moment of silence Wednesday ... or at least respect those who do and give them the space to do so. :)

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