Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy weekend - back into routine

So it was Little Tyke's birthday party (one week late) this weekend. On Friday before the festivities even began he had his 12-month well-baby visit after a bit of a cold on Thursday; he did well, having quadrupled his birth weight to 20 lbs. and being a brave little man for his shots (he complained later as his arms were sensitive, but was tremendous in the moment). His receptive language (understanding of his name and following of one-step instructions - 'come here', 'put the toy down', 'get your ball) needs *some* work but we have, upon careful observation since being told this, come to realize we think he perhaps UNDERSTANDS more than he OBEYS ... hmmm ... lol, still something to work on, but he is otherwise coming along quite nicely. Also, we transitioned him to milk!

The party itself was great; Little Tyke's grandparents were there, as well as my cousin Alli who put me up this summer when I got work in Ottawa before we had a home, and my brother, LT's favourite uncle Kyle. We had the predictable time watching him play intently before opening even MORE toys and clothes to play with, and then we did the 'Cake Thing', including necessary messy shirtless baby eating of said cake; and then ordered a pizza before the birthday boy's bedtime, and everyone dispersing around that time. My in-laws, who had prepared him a song based on his superhero nickname of Dimpleman, to the tune of Spiderman, were staying over and weren't up much later than the party; neither were Ari and I to be honest, after they went upstairs we did the usual 'recap of the party' gossip thing, collected all the mess to the kitchen so it was contained, decided we were too tired to handle it and headed to bed.

Today was a pretty tired day I didn't want to face in some ways - I hate Sundays, especially after busy weekends (even great ones!) because you start realizing over the day that it's over and back to the grind the next day; but this week's grind might involve work, really for the first time since moving now that I'm on a substitute teaching list (with the French schoolboard here in Ottawa) and ready to go as soon as my direct deposit is set up, and Little Tyke is never hard to spend the day with anyway if I'm NOT working. :) So I'm looking forward to an alright week, with Ari's birthday on Tuesday as well, and my grampa's on Thursday (no travels to Montreal to see him as we just did, but at least a call of course), and I hope you all are too! Wishing everyone good luck facing their Mondays. :)

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Anonymous said...

Heehee I would have loved to be there to see those messy cake eating moments. Sorry I wasn't able to be there. But I thought about you guys all weekend and was sending love your way :D