Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When we have kids

We have finally really and truly decided on and narrowed down the names we've chosen for our future kids. We've chosen 4 - two for each gender - because that's what we've been talking about having numbers-wise, but we at least know we probably won't be having more than that. At least that we'd be naming anyway (eg if we go nuts and adopt like 5 or 6 kids, or have foster kids, at least some of those would be older/already have names or whatever I'm assuming).

FOR GIRLS (order of preference):

1) Rachel Jean
(meaning: "Female sheep/Ewe", "God is Gracious" - but mainly that this incorporates the name - or middle name - of both of our grandmas).
2) Rebecca Naomi
(meaning: "To tie", "Beautiful, pleasant" - but mainly just like the names)

FOR BOYS (equal preference ... this will be a toughie):

1. Kevin Liam
(meaning: "Beautiful at Birth", "My People" - but Liam is a derivative of William, which is a name which runs in my family but seemed to die with the younger generation)
2. Jaden Jacob
(meaning: "Grateful", "Supplante , held by the heel" - the first one we picked for the meaning, the second because it's a nice name even if it DOES have a weird meaning)

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I like those names! It's nice that you've picked ones that have meaning to you and your hubby.