Sunday, July 6, 2008

That took WAAAY too long

So it's about 10pm on Sunday night - I've been putting in 12 hr. days into moving, plus a few interviews for some jobs next year so I won't be subbing ... etc. etc. etc. Plus we weren't ready for Rogers to come over and set us up when we expected them to (like a week and some days ago), so we're only set up just now.

This won't be a long post, just a post to say "Hey" I'm here and I'm back and will be posting more regularly now I promise. Thanks for bearing with me. I hope you haven't stopped reading. Trust me, for those of you who enjoy reading my stuff, this has been more painful for me than it even has for you - my internet, my phone, my TV ... a week without any of the above ... while looking for work ... while hubby is working and I've been quite lonely ... while going through another round w/my ex-bestie and haven't had as much opportunity as I'd like to connect with those who still give a crap, who TELL me when they have a problem with me and have grown up past like, I don't know, high school :P - and yes that's as harsh as I've publicly been on this issue, but like, enough! And I'm just as bad for letting someone so immature, ignorant, and changed get to me - chalk it up to additional stress caused by a move and now officially not knowing where my next paycheck is coming from until Sept. - although knowing I will get one, b/c I'm good at this - job hunting is one of the few things I'm thoroughly convinced I'm good at these days! :D

So given all that, and given my most frequent and easiest contact with the outside world is via this keyboard (due to my unreasonable phobia of phones, enhanced by my stalker - see, dude, REAL harrassment - of a pseudo-boss from last year), and as shallow and spoiled first-worlder as it sounds, thank God I'm back in the land of the cyber-living. Thanks for joining me, and let's all sit another spell. :)

Cheers. - Sar

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