Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ever notice ...

How when you go to bed at midnight and wake up at 6am because you're hot and itchy or maybe just plain not tired, there's not a whole lot updated between those times on the internet? MAYBE CNN.com is different from when I looked at it before bed last night - everything else is about the same lol. Oh well - here's a new posting bright and early then. :)

Today's supposed to be another hot one - as great as this house is, especially now that it's coming together, and as happy as I am with it, I DO miss the Central Air Conditioning of the old apartment I must say, on a day like this when it's supposed to hit 32 degrees C. As I said to Ari, I should probably hide out at the mall (air conditioning) until the thunder storm and resulting cooling breaks later this aft. :P Definitely time to break out the window unit at least for our bedroom to make sleeping nights comfy.

The summer job search is now possible with the internet and phone (non-cell) hooked up; I already have an interview w/a temp agency for tomorrow morning, which should be good as they're looking specifically for temporary office workers - hot stuff. I have to admit this house during the day is lonely and quiet w/Ari at work and me off ... and as mentioned in the previous post, I seem to be having trouble getting along w/my main closest friend who's actually in town and might be free to hang out from time to time (others are either away, or new parents, or working ...). It's funny b/c I enjoy my vacation and don't want to work too hard for the summer, but I've been off - really off - a week, and a week in which I've had plenty to do around here, and yet I'm already bored. Guess I'm not cut out to be a housewife, but I knew that already. A stay-at-home-Mom, at least for a certain time, perhaps - I already know from work that kids make things interesting, heheh - but me myself and I, taking care of a house? Boo.

Both my parents are out of town too, which is weird. Not so much Dad, but Mom. Although it's summer, that's kind of her busy time because that's when my step-dad gets some time off work and they get to go places together etc. - especially this summer, as that's one of the silver linings in the cloud of Holly (their dog) passing this year; traveling will be easier for them, and less reliance on us to be around, and available to house sit. Not that we mind, but as we both work, it wasn't always really fair to a high-strung dog like Holly (although we did our best - that's why Mom and Doug trusted us!)

Anyway I guess that was kind of a stream-of-consciousness entry, kind of went everywhere, and definitely gloomier than I intended. I'm not REALLY gloomy, I guess, just bored and a bit overwhelmed all at the same time - wanting those last few boxes (you know, they're like pounds to lose - the last few are the hardest) gone, the A.C. set up so the house is comfy, and something resembling work to go to. Hopefully today and tomorrow will bring me closer to those intentions. Meanwhile, hope everyone so far is enjoying their summer too - it hasn't been a bad one for all I've been grumpy my last two entries, and it's only the last day or two I've gotten REALLY bored and a bit lonely - puttering around my new house, catching up on some sleep and checking out some videos/good books/Nintendo games has NOT been a bad way to kill a few days, it's just getting old now.

And hey! Now that we're settled in, Summer can start for true (gardening, easier working than during the school year, some little weekend travels ... anyone want to join us to go to the beach next weekend? lol) Cheers all!

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

*cough* Join Epicure *cough*

I hope your job search goes well!!

I miss you guys already and it's only been a week.