Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pay Per Post - and a Big Thank you

OK so now that I got that dreck off my chest ...

Think I was just hungry and tired; had some dinner and did some PRODUCTIVE things around the house & online and feel much better. Better enough to tell you about something I should have gotten around to a long time ago!

My friend Alex over at mentioned a LONG time ago in one of her blogs about a neat program called Pay Per Post. Basically there are opportunities to advertise things (that you believe in, without being obnoxious about it of course) in your blogs, to let people know about stuff you enjoy, and make money while you're at it (click "make money" if you're interested). And the best thing? You either get to keep the money, or you have the choice to donate it to various charities. I definitely intend to do that as well. Ari and I keep saying we should do more for charities, but can never choose which charities to donate to, or how much - this is a great and painless way to be able to do that.

As for the money I decide to keep - I'm hoping to use it as blow dough, either towards some travelling or something fun around town, or else to fund my online poker playing. I've been playing the last few years now without actually putting in a dime; this might be a great way to be able to do so, without actually cutting into our real-world income! :) What would YOU do/have YOU done with your Pay-Per-Post money?

Anyway, for those like me who tend to hate ads and stay away from this sketch 'selling out'-type nonsense, or for those readers who are afraid this is going to become the Home Shopping Network for blogs - don't worry. This is cooler than other 'advertising in your blog' schemes because they recognize you need to maintain a balance between shilling and being a blog artiste. There are rules in place which ensure you keep a balance between those posts and 'real' posts - they insist you have one non-sponsored post in between each PPP Post. But it's a great chance, if there's a product or service or company you believe in, to be able to blog about it, plus maybe make some money too, doing something we all do - blogging about stuff that interests us. So please, check out the link - and make sure, if you sign up, to mention you heard about it here. That's $$$ too. ;) Cheers.

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Good luck darlin! I made around the $100 mark but then stopped doing it. Not sure why though but meh lol.