Monday, July 28, 2008

What a weekend. It's been a good one. This place is like in PERFECT shape finally, like, PERFECT shape minus the sort of unplaced furniture in our future nursery - also the futon we no longer need which is being stored in there. I'm quite happy with our home. The final incentive to get the last few things done was having company over on Saturday - Ari's best friend Tim, his wife Lynn and their baby Wade came by and it was such a nice visit. Today we went to the beach and visited my parents, for whom we are pool sitting this week. Both nice experiences.

I would like to invite a particular friend whose family Ari and I enjoy spending time with, either out to said beach, or over to the pool we're sitting, next Saturday, if she thinks the kiddos would enjoy the water and be safe around it. :) AP - the beach is in Port Dover, and you're halfway between us and there; and my mum's is in Roseville (near Cambridge). If you're interested let me know. :)

Of course I've turned back into a pumpkin this morning, as my former landlord is STILL not being particularly responsive about letting me into our old apartment to claim the clothes I left in the dryer (was SO rude to Ari last week when he asked), our car alarm seems to have a mind of its own today and Ari's back to work ... but I'll muddle through. Especially if things work out in the paragraph above, and because my BESTEST FRIEND EVER! is coming back to town on WEDNESDAY! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My summer is about to get a whole lot betta.

Enjoy it all y'all too.


Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Hey pretty lady!

YAY for your bestest friend ever coming for a visit. That's awesome.

Glad your home is all PERFECT now lol. Do you by any chance need anything else for the nursery? Like, say .... my rocking chair/glider? I don't even use it. We hunted for it high and low ... and I never used it. Im bad. I know.

I would LOVE to come to the beach or pool or something on Saturday lol. Let me check with darling hubby if that's cool with him.

Piss on old landlord. What an asswhipe. I'd be talking to someone about him not letting you get your belongings. That's not right.

SARcasm said...

Heheh - yeah it's nice cher's coming back to town for a bit. After the year I had w/the other one, it will be nice to see her. Hope you can come to the beach or pool - let me know what you and DH think is easiest/preferable and we'll plan from there.

Rocking chair and glider would be awesome but let me talk to Ari and see how we could get it from you - thanks for the lovely offer. lol cher might be like my sister, but you guys are easily the closest friends we have in town these days. ;) Take care.