Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a rhetorical question ...

How can one fix a stupid fight with someone that has gone on way too long, when they obviously don't want it fixed?

Rhetorical question, part B: If it can't be fixed, how do I get over that I'm about to go through some of the biggest changes of my life, without my best friend?

Manymanymanymanymanymany thanks to those of you I CAN trust, who HAVE been there for me, and for Ari and I, and who understand how this is hurtful too, not just a piss-off.

At what point does one get over losing a best friend of over a decade anyway? After a month? Six months? A year? We're at 6 and counting ...

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

It's hard but it has to happen.

I lsot my best friend after I got married and she remained in college and we were in different cities. We chat on the rare occasion but we are not best friends anymore. *shrugs*

It hurts and it sucks. It took my almost a year to finally get it out of my heart. Now it is.