Friday, March 21, 2008

Happiest News Ever ...

We were approved this week to adopt ...
I never thought happiness and peace could be this complete.
Ari's parents - thru the moon.
My mother - full of advice
That as usual I listen to what I want to hear. ;)
But she's used to that.
My dad - happy.
Us - excited little puppies about what comes next
And when, and now most importantly, WHO.
Our journey at this point nears its end,
But has only just begun at the same time.
So keep us in your thoughts,
While offering up prayers of thanks.
And thanks for all of YOU who were pulling for us -
Especially those who were references,
Or have offered us baby things,
Or other tangible forms of support.
We can never thank you enough.
Much love always. XO - Sarah & Ari (AND BABY!)

1 comment:

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

WHOOHOO!! I've already expressed my much happiness lol but I'll do it again just fo ryour blog ;-)

I'm super happy for you guys. I've been now searching EVERYWHERE for a certain special gift that I want to find fo ryou guys that I don't think ANYONE will even think about (because I'm just much more considerate lol).

Love yoU!!