Sunday, March 9, 2008

Exciting times

Wow Blogger has been messed up a bit
Tried twice to post yesterday,
Still seems to be loading slowly.

Lots going on -
One more homestudy for our adoption
No apparent concerns in sight yet,
And prospective expectant BMs
(birth mothers)
So very hopeful ...
Hopefully by the spring/summer.

In the more immediate future -
Today having my father and step-mom over
For a belated birthday dinner
For Dad.
Tomorrow, I have my driving test
To get my "G"
(ie, my full license here in Ontario).

From the test, we are heading off
To Eastern Ontario,
Apparently hit hard by snow.
A pit stop in Kingston,
Our old stomping grounds,
Then on to Ottawa.

From there Montreal,
And my grandparents ...
So looking forward to it.
Love them ...

Report cards almost done -
Two classes left to go -

With lots to look forward to,
I feel rejuvenated already,
And ready to face the last few months
Of this school year.

Wish me bonne chance,
Bon voyage, and
I will try to post as much as I can
This week - if not, know I am having
What I must say -
Unless it is tooting my own horn -
Is a much needed break
Before (hopefully!) life gets busier than ever.

To those with one -
Happy March Break.
To those without -
Have a great week anyway.
And don't forget to make sure your clocks have
Sprung Ahead ...

And that you have too.

Pax siempre.

1 comment:

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I hope you have a great week!! Hopefully no more storms will hit while you're driving around.

Lots of luck on your driving test. I have you in my thoughts.

I can't wait for you and your darling hubby to finally be able to bring home a little bundle of joy. And the nfor you to call me freaking out and saying "Oh god Alex HELP ME" muahahahahahhahahahaa.

I love you!