Monday, March 17, 2008

This n That - Plus Prayer Request

So it's really coming, it's really here ...

Wednesday is our final homestudy. We will know, hopefully, with any kind of luck at all, by the end of the week if we are approved to adopt a child ... and then there is 'none to do but wait' ... could be May, could be much longer ... depending on whether the crop of (5) highly expectant mothers wanting to place their babies with this agency take to us or not ... and of course if we're approved ...

So anyone who has been sending prayers our way, or wants to send prayers our way ... this is the time to do it. Best wishes only, though, please, of course.

Other than that, wanted to drop an important link -

You can 'expand your wordpower' - very similar to that game in Readers Digest, it's a vocabulary builder - while every round you play donates a certain number of grains of rice to the third world through the UN - I've ensured 5000 grains of rice will be feeding the hungry this evening alone, and it took me only a half an hour or so of playing. AND IT'S FUN! Easiest thing you can ever do to feel good about yourself and waste time/procrastinate while NOT doing what you should be doing lol. GO THERE! It's hot stuff.

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

WHOOHOO!!! I will most definitely add some more prayers for you :-) You guys are always in my prayers. I want nothing more than for you two to be able to adopt a little boy or girl. Hopefully, God willing, it wont be long before you're able to do just that.

I wish you lots of luck for your final homestudy. Crap that's today!! Ok CALL ME after. I want to know details lol.

I love you guys!!