Friday, March 28, 2008


So I'm finally cooking with gas. Back when I was over at my old Blog site - blogdrive (doesn't even deserve a link ... grrr!) I operated a blog essentially like this (with admittedly far fewer updates) and a wrestling blog. Well I have finally moved my wrestling blog over here as well. So ... just to see if I can get some crossover hits (see, don't even know if I'm getting visits here),

If you're a fan - or if you aren't but were wondering about the sport/entertainment/business that is pro wrestling (or ... excuse me, Mr. McMahon ... "sports entertainment"), check it out. The archives for THAT blog (which might be useful, as they include wrestling terminology etc.) can be found at


Oh and by the way, a plug for this site while I'm at it - I know my friend theverydaymother reassured me in an earlier post that lots of times people visit these blogs without necessarily commenting, doing the polls, etc.; but I like feedback. I blog to try to meet other interesting people etc. So if you've read and enjoyed my blog, please do me the favour of filling in my polls (when I've updated them; obviously you can be forgiven for not having done so since March Break lol), commenting, whatever. I'd love to visit your blog in return, and to become a part of what seems to be a 'community' here at Blogger. :) As my last post, and my tag at the top implies, I'm definitely doing some soul searching, people watching, and stuff, and I think this is the perfect time to meet new people, exchange ideas, just sort of see where my online presence takes me; because wherever that is, I definitely don't want it be writing letters to nowhere. ;)

Thanks dudes! :)

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Copy and paste that link. You can create a counter and SEE how many people visit your blog :) Don't be discouraged at first though ok?

Also ...

There's a whole LIST of blogs for you to check out. I've read some.

Also, check out my blog ( and somewhere on the left is a list of my fav. blogs. You can check those out too.

Most will come visit :D