Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thanks Mommy

Well it's been a quiet one this weekend, but I thought I'd share we had some visitors. First, I want to shout out to my mom - she and my step-dad came to visit and have dinner with Little Tyke (oh, and us too) today, and we had a lovely afternoon and evening together. I'm not sure I realized how very much I missed her until I saw her for the first time in almost a month, so it was really nice. So thanks Mom and Doug!

I also got to see my friend Alex on Friday, which was nice to; I know how hard it can be on weekends out of town to fit everyone in and I appreciate you making time for us to catch up doll! :) We'll have to do it again sometime soon - say Thanksgiving weekend. :)

As quiet a weekend as this has been generally, I had an enjoyable one and I hope everyone else did too. I hope the week ahead is as great as well for all of you! :) Starting off well on this end tomorrow anyway, as we're going for a walk and picnic on Parliament Hill after Ari's workday, and I have a job interview in the afternoon ... and we know we have visitors coming over the week as well by way of my cousin Billy and my brother next weekend ... which will be here before you know it! :) Have a good one all.

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