Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back up and Running - Welcome to September

So here we are, it's September second, and we're basically settled into our new house. I was hoping to be back more regularly as of the 20th, but finishing up my summer school semester (teaching) and the moving 'thang' kind of got in the way. A good blogger must have her priorities; the good news is it gives me something to write about.

The move has gone as smoothly as such a fast whirlwind can - we went 30 days between the day our own sign went up in our front window to occupancy in our new house. The unpacking has been going more slowly - we've been here two weeks and the place is still kind of disastery, although suitable for cooking, sleeping, and internet surfing etc. - but now we have about a week (6 days) to correct all that before Ari's starting his new job and I begin searching for teaching work. As well as finishing our unpacking, we'll be visiting my grandma and grandpa (who are now only TWO hours away instead of 7-8), and today we're going to the Canadian War Museum to finish the tour we started a year ago.

Little Tyke's enjoying his new surroundings, especially all the stacked and dangerous things around the house right now (boxes, things not plugged in yet, etc.). Needless to say, we ARE babyproofing the place and while that's in-process we HAVE been studiously keeping him away from such, although it has started making him quite angry when we don't let him do what he wants to do, which isn't the most fun aspect of parenting ever, but a real one and one that shows he's growing up normally and healthy. The key's all in being more stubborn than the baby (easier said than done at times, but anyone who knows me knows I've got the stubborness market cornered).

So - welcome to Ottawa, Daigen Family! :) I should be able to post more often now, and thanks for making this trip digitally with me. Hope I haven't lost you over the last month or so, and that you'll keep on reading. Enjoy the coming of the fall, Back To School (for those to whom it applies, all my parent, student, and teacher friends), and see you on the flipside! :D

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