Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

So I haven't blogged much this weekend as it's been a quiet one; we've been in the process of finding Little Tyke a babysitter, me work, and all that jazz (some progress made on those fronts; we found LT a sitter through an agency, but she then quit with the agency; we're in the process at this point of deciding whether to stick with the sitter we liked so much, or the agency which does all the drop-ins and background checks etc.; as for work, I'm paperwork away from being on the Ottawa substitute teaching list). But today is an important day I didn't want to let go by without blogging. 22 years ago today, my wee baby brother (who now has about a foot in height on me lol) was born. We're both grownup, living in different towns, starting new jobs, busy in our lives, but I still consider us close and though I can't share it with him this year, I wish him a lovely, lovely day.

Tomorrow is also my mother-in-law's birthday ... she's spending it, as far as I know, travelling home from a weekend in Washington state with her mother and sister. I wish her a fun flight and safe trip for her birthday! :)

I also wish the birthday boy and girl better health than is going around this particular Daigen house at the moment; LT and I both have awful colds and I think Ari has *just* avoided it, although had a sore throat today. Wishing you guys good health, and us all a good night's sleep for better health tomorrow ... when I should be able to update my 101 books list as I'll be knocking another one off my list before bed tonight.

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