Sunday, September 20, 2009


By the way - if R&B singer Beyonce Knowles didn't earn your respect by giving Taylor Swift an opportunity to retry her acceptance speech after Kanye West's rude interruption, this video demonstrates the lovely soul that I believe lies behind this Diva's exterior.

The little girl onstage with Beyonce is named Chelsea, and she suffers from Leukemia, obviously in an advanced stage. The song Beyonce is singing to her is called 'Halo'. The real story in this video of course is Chelsea, and all of our prayers for her recovery. But for such a big star as Beyonce to go out of her way to embrace this little girl, as opposed to her A-list compatriots ... no one deserves more respect than both of these fine young women.

I have for the most part been a Beyonce fan since Destiny's Child from a musical point of view, without knowing a whole lot about her as a person (and that which I did know seemed to indicate a bit of a prima donna who wanted her stage); but in the last week I think we've had a true peek into who she is, and from someone who I respected as a talent, she is fast becoming someone I respect as a person. Big respect. And of course, again, our prayers for Chelsea's health and recovery, and for her family as they go through what must be a difficult time.

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