Thursday, September 10, 2009

Applause for Barack Obama

As a Canadian who enjoys our 'socialized medicine' that we have up here, and can't understand all the controversial hullabaloo down south of the border about health care reform, I watched Barack Obama's speech last night through different eyes than Americans might have, and I still came away inspired and feeling like this change is possible for our American brethren. While disappointed in the intransigence of the Republicans, Obama has now made it clear - with an assist to Joe Wilson's rude and undignified 'You Lie!' outburst - that he is willing to listen and to compromise, while the Republicans aren't even willing to applaud in acknowledgement that this battle has gotten way too emotional and out of hand for something that requires a great deal of sober consideration.

Of Obama's many strengths and (in my opinion) fewer shortcomings, speechmaking definitely ends up in his strength column, and he knocked it right out of the park last night, making me wish for the umpitiumpth time that he was our President too. Classy, non-confrontational and smooth without being slick, dishonest, or a pushover, this speech exemplified all that is right about Barack Obama, and the United States which he represents. Good job, Mr. President!

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