Friday, April 17, 2009

Take me out to the ball game ...

So it's the weekend and shaping up to be a good one -

Taking Little Tyke to his first baseball game this weekend. :) That makes me happy. Especially since it means seeing my awesome brother and his awesome girlfriend while we're in Toronto.

Also Ari has two day weekends again, as in two days off in a row (instead of two separated over the course of the week as he has the last couple months), which will be nice. Which means we can have a good productive day tomorrow, and enjoy Sunday.

A good week all around I think. :) Quiet, a bit unproductive, not quite as good, for example, as last week on the '101 things' front but I still have time to hit the things I haven't yet, and given the next couple days are busy, I bet I'll actually be MORE likely to than days I'm just sort of hanging around with LT.

Who's wonderful by the way - a bit more difficult this week, hence the lack of productivity - he turned 5 mos. old and I think he's teething, he's been a bit crankier and needier than usual so for example the trips to the gym I commited to, well, I'll have one tomorrow but that will be it (I've been active every day nonetheless though, going on walks in the lovely weather, playing with him etc.). On the plus side though, this means LT's awake more, and he isn't hard to distract when he's fussy, so we've had lots of fun playtime and naptime and bonding together. :) He's becoming his own little person which is just a wonder to watch. Put more of the 1-3 month clothes into storage yesterday (yes he was that small that recently, he's a preemie), which is always sad but also encouraging to know he's growing so big and strong.

But isn't that life for you eh? You look back and wonder where the time went, but then it makes you look around at where you are and think 'wow, this is awesome'. LT has taught me to do that - stop living for the future, and where we'll be in a month, two months, a year from now - or in the past - why, when there's so much to do in the here and now? - and to live every moment - I won't say 'enjoy', that's asking too much lol - because good or bad they're all a part of who I am, and who LT will be. Not a bad life lesson to learn from a very wise baby huh? ;)

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