Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bo the White House dog

Sorry a late post today - but still here nonetheless. It's been one of those days that feels kind of lazy and quiet but nonetheless you look up and all of a sudden it's late-ish.

Anyway - I have fallen in love. If and when Ari and I ever get a dog, I think provided we have a big enough house this is the kind I want, a Portuguese Water Dog:

Yes, exactly what it looks like; the Obamas finally came through on their promise to their daughters this week by adopting Bo from Sen. Ted Kennedy (yes, for my less politically inclined readers, of THOSE Kennedys). Portuguese Water Dogs are many wonderful things for a family - easily trained, active without being hyper, good-natured, etc. A plus for the Obamas, whose daughters have allergies, and what would be a plus for us, who have many relatives with them as well, is that PWDs are hypoallergenic as well.

Welcome Bo to the White House! Quite the digs to have the run of I must say. :) And check out how happy he makes Sasha and Malia - I think this is quite cool.

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