Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy-Son Date Day

Since very few of my most recent posts have been personal I also wanted to say this week's been a good one. Little Tyke has been a bit fussy at times as he's teething and growing a lot (judging by the amount he's been eating and sleeping); but other than an hour or two a day where he's very fussy, he's been such a smiley, happy, interesting little person to be around.

Wednesdays are our Mommy-Son date day; we go to a play group at the local library which is super-fun, and then to a movie at the local theatre which does Movies for Mommies/Stars and Strollers Wednesday afternoons. We saw Seventeen Again starring Matthew Perry and Zac Efron yesterday - REALLY good. Love Zac Efron and he's such a talented young actor; this movie is fun fluff, you don't go in expecting high art nor does it deliver. But it's an enjoyable, fun rom com which isn't a bad way to cotton candy your break on a midweek afternoon. :)

This weekend is already looking busy; some work around the house, a date in Stratford, and dinner at my mom's, plus church. Good times, good times. :)

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