Sunday, April 5, 2009

A clarification - and Holy Week

One of my '101 things' to do in 101 days is to blog daily. I know it appears I've missed a few days here but both days I didn't blog here at SARcasm I blogged over at In This Very Ring. I have been blogging every day, and oftentimes daily at BOTH sites. I just wanted to make sure that's out there as so far by my count I have a perfect record for blogging it just might not appear so here. :)

In other news I'm taking Little Tyke to church for the very first time this morning - that should be interesting. :) It's Palm Sunday, the day Jesus historically arrived in Jerusalem to begin his final week of life. At my church, other services include a communion service next Thursday (Maundy Thursday, the night of the Last Supper), as well as Good Friday (Jesus' death) and Easter Sunday (His resurrection) services. It is Holy Week - definitely a time for meditation and prayer. Especially as I was unsuccessful in giving up Sloth for Lent. However - I have been fairly successful thus far with my 101 things, so as much as it's been a late start I do think I'm off on the start I wanted in terms of time of self-examination and improvement.

In decidedly un-religious news, Wrestlemania 25 is tonight! :) Any wrestling fans out there, be sure and check it out and enjoy - while to someone who's been watching every week the card doesn't look particularly stellar (although Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker should be cool, and Triple H vs. Randy Orton), there's enough talent and potential that this could be a sleeper hit.

Whatever you're doing with your day, and the rest of the week - make it a good one. I'll be around. :) Cheers.

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