Sunday, April 19, 2009

Go Jays! And happy belated birthday Dawn

So Ari and I went to the Blue Jays game with Little Tyke today as discussed - it was a GREAT game the Jays won 1-0. Very tight and very good pitches and plays throughout. LT really seemed to enjoy it too, standing on my lap watching and babbling through a bunch of it before napping through the second half. Afterwards, we joined my brother Kyle, his girlfriend Dawn, and some of their friends for a dinner celebrating Dawn's birthday which was yesterday. It was a very nice day in Toronto all in all, and I realized I didn't take the chance to wish my 'sister-in-law' a happy birthday here yesterday as I did my Sweetheart Saturday post so I wanted to take that chance now.

Thanks K&D for showing us a good time ... and reminding me how much I enjoy Red Lobster. ;)

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