Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quiet week so far

Yesterday Little Tyke and I ran errands - today we were hanging around in our PJs until about an hour ago (3 pm or so). The next few days should be busier though - tomorrow we're going to our library group and a movie, Thursday I'm going out with my mom while Ari 'babysits' and then I have my regular tutoring job, Friday we have some household projects we've been putting off to take care of, and the weekend is Passover and Easter so we have family commitments both days. An eventful one.

I will find time over the week to update you on how my 101 things are going, however, etc. I'm thinking I might make Thursday my computer-free day so if I don't blog that day you know why. But I'll let you know tomorrow. Meanwhile, all, be well and hope everyone else's week is as relaxing. And if it isn't? No worries - at least it's a short one.

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Im glad your week is going well Sarah!! I want one of those days where I stay in my PJs lol. Im envious.