Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweetheart Saturday

I just want to say I love Ari - no particular reason. We've had a pretty normal week, and if anything it's been a bit of a busy and stressful yet boring and mundane one - but that's just it. One of our weaknesses in the past has been venting AT each other not TO each other, if that makes sense and I think we're getting better at it.

We're much more different people than I think either of us realized when we first dated but one of our biggest successes as a couple has been to learn how to appreciate those differences and how they can compliment each other instead of causing conflict. And we've come a long way but in the hustle and bustle of everything we don't always acknowledge that. So I want to here - thanks for being on this journey with me Ari, even if I rush you along sometimes and even if you sometimes hold us up. Somehow, miraculously we ended up in the same place and I for one am thrilled about that. :)

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