Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Roger Ebert

This man is so inspirational. Roger Ebert was the longtime 'thumbs up/down' critic for At the Movies, hosting first with Gene Siskel and eventually Richard Roeper, before suffering from cancer. The ensuing treatment left Ebert unable to eat, drink or speak, and he has been communicating using computer voice technology and the typed/written word (he is a prolific and fabulous Tweeter), without the benefit of his own voice, since 2006 ...

Until now. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, while Ebert still relies on computer 'voice overs', he has now had a program assembled which sounds exactly like him (albeit more digitized), using the vast library of recordings of his voice from over the years. Check it out:

Absolutely fabulous. Be sure and check out his Twitter and blog as well (Google, he's not hard to find and I'm too lazy to add hyperlinks right now lol) - he's such an intelligent, witty man who has rolled with so many punches and who I find just so very cool.

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