Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Tyke Update

So it's been awhile since I've done much of a personal update - there's a reason for this, as a friend-of-a-friend of mine (and by extension said friend) have had some scary things come up when posting online about their children. I have comforted myself I have not shared the Tyke's name or photos however and meanwhile I know readers want to know how he's doing.

Which can be summed up in the word of 'hot and cold'. First the negative so it isn't dwealt on; he is going through round #2 of separation anxiety, except it's going all around this time. He doesn't like us dropping him off at his babysitter's, but he also doesn't like us picking him up there either. If he's playing with one parent and the other parent scoops him up or tries to get his attention ... that aggravates him too. His teething doesn't help either, and he's been doing a LOT of that of late.

On the other hand, though, he is learning so very much. He is walking like a little pro for the most part (although of course he's 16 months old, so he's going to tumble from time to time, which can be a 'con' when it happens too I suppose), and while I hesitate to say he's 'talking' yet, he definitely knows words; he recognizes Mama, Dada, Clock and Fan at last count, as well as 'where is' (he knows to point when he hears this). He's babbling up a blue streak which is at its funniest when it sounds like real words. Furious at me for (evil!) changing and dressing him the other day, when I sat him up after said ordeal, he looks down at his clothes and then at me, babble-muttering something that sounded exactly like an accusatory 'Hoodiddiss?' (who did this?) ... funny.

He has mastered the spoon now, although it becomes a play thing more quickly than he'd like (he knows how to use it; he also knows other more creative ways of using it), so while finger foods and dinner are now entirely an LT self-propelled effort (good boy!), he is even feeding himself half of his spoony foods too (cereal ... yogurt ... pudding ...). He can drink from a sippy cup now as well, and from a straw (these have both been awhile, like months, but hey! it's been awhile!). He watches a little TV and enjoys Max and Ruby, but is as likely to turn off the TV and bring you a book to read him ... which Daddy and I both like. :) And he is as good as gold as usual about bedtime ... although naps, and how late he sleeps, are becoming more scattershot again after a pretty solid stretch of two short naps a day and 8pm-7:30am sleeping. He's still good as gold. We loves him. :)

We're about to take him home for Easter, and this summer are going to find what kind of traveller he is as we go on our first REAL family vacation since his arrival, to Orlando (yes, Land of Disney). Booked this week. :) All good things ... and hope the same can be said for all of you out there in cyberland (the only thing to do is jump over the moon ...) - erm ... look it up. "Rent". :D

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