Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Weekend and the Apprentice

It's been a busy but fabulous weekend full of laughs from Friday evening right up about until this morning with my friend Elizabeth coming to visit us in Ottawa this week. We got to check out a couple restaurants, go up the Peace Tower at Parliament, and have some good philosophical talks as well as an excellent game of Scrabble. A good weekend. :) A not-too-bad way to end it? The Celebrity Apprentice season premiere! Two very, very strong teams and I was surprised the women lost. There really was no weak link on that team - as demonstrated by the inability of these intelligent and savvy women to point fingers. MY only disappointment/disagreement with the Donald - he HAS in the past fired two people when merited; if, as he acknowledged, this team simply wasn't good enough collectively but there was no one weak link ... why could he go the other way and keep everyone on? If we can focus on the negative and fire everyone who deserves to be fired, why can't we look at the positive and keep on everyone who deserves to be kept on?

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