Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Survey

My buddy Alex just posted this on her blog today so I thought I'd swipe it as it's a good one. :) Now watch it was me who did it in the first place and I just don't remember lol. But enh it's late, I'm bored, and surveys are fun. :)

Q: Who were you dating last December.
A: Ari! :)

Q: Does anyone NOT like you at the moment?
A: Yes. My son hates me whenever I try to change his diaper, put shoes on his feet, put him to bed ... lol.

Q: Last person to call you beautiful?
A: Probably Ari. :)

Q: Do you hate it when people smoke around you?
A: I do, to the extent I feel I have a right to. I appreciate No Smoking bans in public buildings, and I have one in my own home; I WISH even outdoors people wouldn't smoke where there are crowds or children (at parks or parade routes or those types of things are the worst). But I won't complain about smoking, say, if I'm having a convo w/a smoker who wants to go outside and I follow them out to finish the chat; that's my choice.

Q: Do you think age matters in relationships?
A: I think maturity does, and to the extent age represents a certain level of maturity then, I guess yes. But if you're in a similar place in life, intelligence, points of view, and the number of candles on your cake is all that makes that difference between you? No. THAT's just a number.

Q: Are promises important to you?
A: This depends on the promise. If it's a big one, or one that's broken frequently, thus making it big, yes; the small stuff though I try not to sweat. Everyone forgets stuff, or is late sometimes, or whatever. It's the attempt that counts, and everyone comes upon promises they can't keep here and there. Bottom line - is it going to affect my trust in you? If yes, then yes. If no, it's just one of those things, then no.

Q: Do you have a reason to smile right now?
A: One or two. ;)

Q: What's something you really regret saying to someone?
A: I more regret things I haven't said, or at least not said in the right way. If you mean the things you say, there's no reason to regret (although yes, I do regret the words or tone I've chosen to express them sometimes of course, we all say things in hurt or anger).

Q: Has anyone put their arms around you today?
A: Ari! :) And Liam.

Q: Have you ever kissed someone with a lip or tongue ring?
A: Nope.

Q: If the person you have feelings for started smoking, what would you do?
A: I think I'd die of shock.

Q: Can you last in a relationship for 6 months?
A: Apparently - 9 years now! :)

Q: Has anything upset you in the last week?
A: Enh a few things. Work, a cold, feeling a bit underappreciated ...

Q: Who was the last person you texted before bed last night?
A: I haven't texted in months my phone's display is dead lol.

Q: Would you be more likely to fail Science or Math?
A: Either or take your pick. They were both my worst subjects in school.

Q: Are you one of those people who constantly check the time?
A: Yes. I'm a teacher who needs to constantly be timing and calibrating lesson plans, it's a habit that dies hard in my personal life. So trust me, people I know in real life, if I'm an obsessive watch or clock watcher, it's not personal it's a habit.

Q: Is it ever too late to apologize?
A: I think it's all about the sincerity of the apology more than the timing. Someone can apologize immediately and I couldn't care less if they don't mean it. Someone could apologize years later and done a lot of soul searching, and I will. The reverse can also be true.

Q: Can you forgive and forget?
A: I can forgive. I make forgiveness a point, in fact, as in almost 28 years I can honestly say I've never met a completely bad person, only people who make bad choices. And forgiveness means letting go of those bad choices. But I don't forget. Forgiveness is kind and loving - forgetting is just plain stupid.

Q: Has anyone said you have changed lately?
A: Not really.

Q: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
A: I do, ultimately. Maybe not reasons we understand, maybe not always reasons we think are good, or good enough, but yes.

Q: Do you ever think of certain people and wonder what the hell happened?
A: I do.

Q: Are you a mean person?
A: I am only mean under two circumstances: (1) by omission. I CAN be thoughtless and 'in my own bubble' sometimes, and am genuinely sorry if and when this hurts people, or (2) like Alex's answer, if and when provoked. I don't like starting fights, but I don't react well to being hurt or angered.

Q: If you could, what’s one thing that you’d take back from your past?
A: There are definitely some things that fall under the 'if I knew then what I know now' file that I'd have done differently. I wouldn't have kidded myself that everything was fine with one of my dearest friends a few summers ago; I would have been easier on my mom as a teenager; I'd have given my 'high school sweetheart' more of a chance. At the same time, I strongly believe that even the stupid and bad stuff we go through serves a purpose, and so 'regret' is the wrong word: it's all brought me to where I am today. Is that a perfect place? No. But close enough, and the stuff that isn't perfect, I'm at least aware enough at this point to work on, and how can I begrudge anyone or anything, even hurtful people and things, who got me there?

Q: Have you ever kissed someone that had a tattoo?
A: I don't think so, not unless there's something I don't know about Ari or my ex. lol

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Anonymous said...

lol yes, it was you who did it first. It's on your FB account lol. I went through and removed some questions though. There are just some questions I don't particularly want on my blog :)

Good answers by the way. And you've given me a kiss (ok, not on the lips of course) and I had a tongue ring :P