Thursday, January 28, 2010

This 'n' That ... plus a Little Tyke update!!!

OK so it's been a quiet week (well - busy in terms of I've gotten a lot of work this week ... but you know the drill, it's subbing, it's routine, and the stuff that isn't, is probably best left in the classroom anyway lol), and that'd be why I haven't posted since I think around Monday/Tuesday. But I have a few things in mind to share tonight, so let's go to it.

  • First, the return of winter weather, here in Ottawa and from what I can gather much of the rest of Ontario and Quebec as well. Freak snowstorm/whiteouts today, and hitting -30 tonight including windchill. So please, stay warm and bundled and don't expose yourself to this bitter cold. Equally as important, drive safely on icy roads and in whiteout conditions - I have witnessed two car accidents in the last two days and heard of many more on my traffic reports on the radio. Take public transport if you can, or better yet stay home if possible. Winter driving and extreme cold exposure are not to be messed with, especially for the young'uns, and it's supposed to go no warmer than -15/-16 for the entire weekend. That means lots of cold air, lots of ice. And yes - no more talk about the weather. Enh - but I'm Canadian. What can I do?
  • Some interesting discussions of the security situation in Afghanistan today, including helping 'moderate' Taliban supporters offering money and jobs. The Taliban rightly points out that they cannot be bought and there are no 'moderates', but I think that's the point here; the Afghani regime and its supporters aren't offering this to hardline Talibaners, but those who support the insurgents for purposes of financial need. I'm not sure out and out bribes are truly the way to win hearts and minds, but I do agree that those supporting the Taliban for lack of a better alternative - and despite what the Taliban may imply, those people exist - should be won over. I'll be interested to hear if there are other ideas as to how to do so, or how important that is.
  • On the American politics front, *I* want to say I think Barack Obama hit his State of the Union speech out of the park last night. I'm sure you can Google it and easily find a replay or transcripts. He hit, in my opinion, just the right note of reassuring he won't give up on healthcare, putting Don't Ask, Don't Tell on the table, acknowledging some failures while encouraging everyone not to give up, and putting the focus on the job issue, while reminding those accusing him of being a 'do nothing' president of his accomplishments. Didn't win over the GOP clearly, but I suspect this speech will have gone over well with the moderate middle, and the progressives he was starting to lose (boo! by the way - CLICK HERE for an AWESOME blog on the topic).
  • Also on the American side - my condolences to John and Elizabeth Edwards on the end of their marriage. Not surprising - his cheating and having a child with his mistress was kind of a clue things were in trouble - and of course I feel worse for Mrs. Edwards and their children than John. But I think there's enough pain to go around when a 30 year marriage ends and on that score I feel bad for all involved.
  • And now the best for last - a LITTLE TYKE UPDATE!!! For anyone wondering why he hasn't been THE STAR of my blog the last few weeks, it's because honestly there hasn't been much news - he's been developing skills, and being his usual wonderful self. But some of those skills have started bearing fruit this week. Over this week we have learned/noticed (a) he has cut another tooth and has at least two more on the way), (b) he can drink from a straw; he therefore has his lunchtime milk all by himself, (c) he's definitely ready for people food; he's up to I would say half-and-half meals in terms of jarred baby food and 'what Mom and Dad are having', (d) he's walking with zero problem if he can push something, and stringing 3 steps together independently. All this in about a 7-day span (although of course he's been working at it much longer). And I *think* he can identify 'babies' now even if he doesn't SAY the word (I can say 'where's the baby' and he'll pretty consistently point to the baby in any given picture). LOVES HIM!
Stay tuned this weekend for a 101 Books update; I will have two more books to add and it's appropriate to put them in together. You'll see why. Only reason this would be delaye is I'm ALMOST done book #2 - that might end up being Monday. :) Either way, stay tuned.

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