Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The only words I'm going to say on this ...

So ... for a smart girl I have some admittedly ... lower-brow interests. Wrestling, admittedly is one of them. But I'm also of the mind wrestling has something for everyone if they were to give it half a chance; if someone could watch it clear-eyed without all the preconceptions, it is wonderful in its crappiness lol. But another is, I am a huge follower of celebrity culture admittedly, aka pop culture. One of my first stops daily admittedly, is good old Perez Hilton.

Well, what one will know if they read Perez's site, is that awhile ago he got into a - by his own admission - ill-conceived verbal joust with the Blackeyed Peas and their people, which ended up in his getting his eye popped. While many could say it was a long time coming, I look at Perez for what he is - a satirical celebrity gossip columnist, almost a cartoon of himself. Yes I understand that can resemble the bully who accuses his prey of having no sense of humour and not being in on the joke when things go too far - but I genuinely believe at this point he makes fun of what he loves.

Otherwise, while I still wish he didn't out gay celebrities, and I did have a hard time getting past the inherent unfairness - he has favourites, and overlooks their shortcomings (and Santa Angelina has some, P, I'm sorry), while ignoring the good done by those he doesn't so much enjoy (I'm afraid the only reason I have yet to see that he doesn't like Vanessa Hudgens is that she has the nerve to be dating Zac Efron - ditto Kirsten Stewart with Robert Pattinson ... although admittedly she has attitude, so does he), I see him as brain candy - yeah, silly, and unhealthy in large doses, but otherwise decent fun. As soon as you realize it's not a news source but more editorial in nature and he just likes who he likes and doesn't like who he doesn't like, just like me sitting here with my opinions, it's a bit more palatable.

Well today, I think I've gotten too big a dose of the pop culture he dishes out, lol, but it's actually not him I'm upset with, but Tila Tequila (wikipedia her if need-be I don't have the patience to explain how this chicky became famous in the first place, beyond being admittedly hot). See - the above-mentioned punching incident elicited a response from Tila Tequila defending the Blackeyed Peas - fair nuff. While I disagree with how the incident was handled on all sides, she's allowed a different opinion. I thought she made someone else's fight way too much about her, but that's what these reality fame-mongers do, so whatever. But then Perez Hilton made a mistake - what I believe was a genuine one - the day Michael Jackson died, speculating that his illness was psychosomatic when he was rushed to the hospital, due to the anxiety of starting up a new tour in his 50s, with health issues and PR issues etc. behind him. This is something Jackson's erratic behaviour would not make entirely implausible. Hilton immediately and respectfully pulled the piece and faithfully reported on the aftermath of the King of Pop's death when his illness and death were confirmed.

Tila Tequila made HER mourning of MJ more a bash of Perez Hilton - for about a week, she could not mention one without the other. Her heartbreak over Jackson's death, and by the way, Perez Hilton's a pig unfollow him on Twitter (where this war is occuring). Hilton, to his credit, ignored her, despite the fact a celeb feud could up his fame-clout too. That was where I started sliding over to the Perez camp; here is Perez Hilton, with the perfect opportunity to do what Tila Tequila accused him of doing (making his reputation on someone else's death, by being disrespectful to them), who didn't, and instead made his reputation by simply continuing to do what he does. Tequila, on the otherhand, exposed her hypocrisy, trying to pass off a beef - an unrequited one at that, at least publicly - as mourning.

Well this has taken a whole other turn today. Unless some posts on Hilton's Twitter have been deleted (which he has admittedly done in the past, both on his own website and on Twitter), he simply expressed disbelief (and yes, disdain) that Tequila was twittering her absolute grief within an hour of the announcing of her fiancee, Casey Johnson (heir of the Johnson and Johnson company's fortune)'s death, begging for privacy despite tweeting 6 times in an hour or two's spread of time, and granting same-day interviews about the life she'd invisioned with her fiancee, the fight they'd had two days before Johnson was found ... an the fact Johnson was found days after her passing (where were you Tila? fine you had a fight, but seriously you try to call her once and leave it at that? fight or no if my husband and I had had enough of a fight one of us walked out on the other, it wouldn't have take days to get in touch and figure out next steps, either to reconciliation or to move on).

Tequila's response? To start a tweet-fight with Hilton, all the while promoting her new gossip site. Excessive tweets and interviews the day your soulmate dies, while getting into cyber-brawls and promoting a new business venture ... is this mourning in the digital age? Or just in Hollywod? Or just in Tila Tequila land? Oh whatever ... I'm a smarty cookie who's already thought too much about this today. I promise my next rant will be about something substantive ... you know. Afghanistan. Or airport security. Or that half the rush hour buses in Ottawa aren't running. Or the cold. Or the colour of my socks.

Have a nice day.

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