Monday, January 4, 2010

Anyone wanna take a guess

How fun it is to have everyone in your household sick all at the same time?

Go ahead ... take a guess.

Yeah - not very much fun. Glad the worst part of the bug seems to be over for all of us, but it was an unpleasant couple of days - thus the out-of-touchness.

Interesting to note though that Ari and I got our flu shots this year for the first time ever - and this is the first time in years I can remember either of us getting a stomach bug. Funnity-fun.

Hopefully we got it from Little Tyke though, and not the other way around. His illness has come out differently - more cold-like symptoms - but these germs have been in the house 2 days and he hasn't seemed to have gotten it, so fingers crossed it's the same bug releasing itself differently.

Hope everyone else has had a healthier start than us to 2010, and hopefully this means the worst is behind us! Bad rehearsal, good opening night right? :) Love to all.

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