Saturday, January 9, 2010

A recommendation

I know I've talked about it on Facebook for those who follow me there but I'm not sure if I've talked about it here yet.

WonderCafe (click here to check it out)

It's on my list along with FB and Gmail and all that of things I check almost every time I go online. Nominally, it's the United Church of Canada's social networking site, with a blogging and discussion forum setup, as well as a church search function and an opportunity for churches to set up effectively a little promotional webpage, polls and the whole nine yards.

You don't need to be a UCCer, however, or even a Canadian to join up. We have people from all denominations as well as a strong Atheist community, from such farflung places as Australia who come online and chat. The comparison to a cafe is apt as there are regulars, lurkers, occasional posters, and all of the above come and go. You can get into a deep, meaningful spiritual discussion, or simply ask parenting advice, or play games in the 'social' thread. It's a really enjoyable place and I recommend it to anyone. :) Peace.

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