Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help for Haiti

Dear Readers,

As I'm sure many of you have read or seen yesterday, there was a 7.0 Earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday evening, leaving devastation in its wake. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, ill-equipped to handle such a disaster. Early estimates of the dead approximate over 100,000; many aid workers already there, such as members of Doctors without Borders, are missing, as are several RCMP officers.

Haiti needs our help, and if you are wondering just how to go about offering aid and assistance, I have found a couple of excellent resources.

For Canadians, click here. (credit: Globe & Mail)
For Americans, click here. (credit: CNN)

If you are from elsewhere, please simply Google the name of your country in regards to helping Haiti; I Googled "How to help Haiti in Canada" for the Canadian site, and CNN readily offered a list of links to aid organizations on their site, which I check regularly.

If you have no resources to share at this time, please offer your prayers, positive thoughts and positive energy to those affected by the earthquake, as well as to those who are working so hard to provide relief.

God bless,

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