Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today was AWESOME

Went to Canada's Wonderland! SOOOO fun. And it was the last day of the season so the park wasn't too packed, but the weather was just nice - sunny etc. It was chilly yes, like autumn, but we were dressed appropriately.

Tonight we went to see 12 Angry Men put on by the local theatre co. I will be doing my one-act play with, and actually featuring one of my stars; it was a GREAT show. Truly enjoyed it. I'd recommend it except it was closing night lol.

I'm officially done my temp contract at the school I've been at the last 12 mos. It's sad - I really enjoyed my time there, bonded VERY well with the staff, and the kids were some very interesting and rewarding young individuals to work with. I'll be supply teaching until mid-December now, and with the upcoming month or two, as much as I'll miss having a home base, that's probably for the best in terms of flexibility.

I'm hoping to get to Montreal to see my grandparents at some point in the next month or so as well - my grandpa has had some health issues for almost two years now, but is currently in a nursing home for temporary care, and my grandma is going in in the next week or two for some eye surgery, so it's nice to know I have the schedule to be able to go lend a hand if need-be; or even just to provide some company. :)

Otherwise, life is good - Ari and I are both ill at the moment, but personally and professionally things have been going quite well for both of us, that to complain about a couple of bad colds at this point would seem truly ungrateful. We are so blessed. :)

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