Saturday, November 29, 2008

So ...

As you can see it's been a busy week. Sorry about that; those of you with any clue what's been going on in my life know why. :)

It's American Thanksgiving Weekend - Thanksgiving Day itself was yesterday. So happy Thanksgiving to my American in-laws, readers, and anyone else. Of all years you guys have a LOT to be thankful for with your new president-elect.

I also, belatedly, want to extend my thoughts and sympathies to the terror victims in Mumbai - a friend of Ari's has parents there right now, it's a scary time and a scary place, and I wish everyone the best who might be there.

This weekend is going to be more of the same as last week, and probably still moreso going forward ... just so you know why my blogs might be a bit short and fewer and farther between ... but I promise when there's a bit of a let-up I will let you know. And I will check in as much as I can meanwhile. :)

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