Sunday, November 9, 2008

Awesome weekend

So it was a good couple days this weekend.

Friday was a PD Day so I didn't have to go to work - I got to visit with my friend J and her daughter K, which was fun; we went to the park and I enjoyed that. Yesterday Ari and I puttered around the house before going out to a semi-formal gala put on by his work; I have a very dear friend, L, whose boyfriend works for the same company as Ari so they were there as well - it kind of became a double date with some friends we hadn't seen in too long so it was nice on that score as well. :) We got to share some Big News with them, and it was a fun celebration.

Today we went to see another friend, E, win an award for her writing - we enjoyed listening to the excerpt she read of her story at the awards ceremony, as well as the other excellent winners - such good work all of them did! Made me want to get back to my fiction writing (although I suppose some would claim that's what this blog consists of ... lol ...). We also got to visit with my dad and step-mom, who are always lovely hosts and fun to talk to, before a quiet evening at home. It was a nice weekend after Ari and I have been sick the last couple weeks; Ari's voice is still REALLY funny but I think he's feeling better. Although dinner didn't sit too well with me tonight because now I'm kind of icky again. So heading to bed - just didn't want to do so without an update on our weekend, which was fantastic.

Hope everyone else's was too. :)

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