Monday, December 1, 2008

A Political Break


Yes, the governor general asking opposition parties to form a government is undemocratic ... however, so is a party with 36% of the popular vote governing as if they have anything resembling a mandate. Bottom line: the parties forming this coalition have 60-some-odd percent of public support. Really, the Canadian electorate voted for a centre-left government, it just happens the centre-left is divided where the right is not. I'd rather see the citizenry get what they asked for, even if some strings need to be pulled. So proud of my party - the Libs - for showing some intenstinal fortitude for a change in the wake of Conservative bullying - the Cons expected them to cave, and they did not. WOOHOO!!!!

Also - Barack Obama made some awesome cabinet picks today, in Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Jim Jones as National Security Advisor, and (I shall shock anyone who knows me by supporting a Republican) by keeping Gates on in Defense. Susan Rice is also a good choice for UN Ambassador, though I'd have sooner gone for MISTER Clinton, personally. ;)

And truly a red letter day in American politics - "W" admitted he was unprepared for war, and engaging in war on false evidence was "the biggest regret of this presidency". *doubletake* WHAT?! Well ... better late than never. Good on ya, Dubbya. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it.

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Anonymous said...


The Libs-NDP-Bloc combined vote was 54.4%.

What most people in the country voted for was the Cons and Libs - to the tune of 64%. That translates into a socially liberal and fiscally conservative populace which pretty much bang on describes Canada.

We did not vote en masse for socialism and separatism.

A Liberal government being wagged by the big three auto loving unions and Quebec First separatists would be an economic and social disaster for the country, not what we need right now.

A Lib supported Con government would make the most sense (and probably most palatable to the rank and file in each caucus) but none of the leaders and party heads can see past their egos at this point. The G-G should drag them all by their ears back to the House and tell them to get to work.

Interesting times though.

Dave Rutherford