Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Update

So - I hate that my postings in the last bit haven't been particularly personal or update-ful; life HAS been busy, and I shared a bit of the more fun stuff with you guys - the Halloween Party, movies and dancing this weekend, for example, were some of the most fun I've had in a long time; I'm holding auditions this week for the play I mentioned I was directing, which is cool, and next weekend is shaping up to be fun too as we're going to Canada's Wonderland and "Twelve Angry Men", a play being produced here in town. But most of the WEEKDAY busy-ness is either not especially interesting (who wants a blow by blow of someone else's work day?), or can't really be spoken of in any particular detail just yet (although I'm sure lines can be read between). Hopefully, as some of those things happen and come together (auditions, the play we're going to check out, etc.) I'll have more to write about. Meanwhile though, I'm tired, still a bit sick, and grumpy, so to lift my spirits, and hopefully yours - I thought I'd share this. :) Enjoy.

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