Tuesday, October 7, 2008


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So here goes:

  1. I enjoy wrestling. I have since I was 7. It started as a way to bond with my dad, and became a huge interest of mine well after he stopped watching regularly. And anyone who knows a little on the topic - before engaging me on the subject, beware - I am a smark. Look it up. ;)
  2. I'm not even 5 ft. tall - which means apparently I should be in a booster seat lol.
  3. The reason I am not even 5 ft. tall is that I have Turner's Syndrome - details at the link. This would also explain why Ari and I are adopting.
  4. My step-dad used to be my ex-boyfriend's step-dad. He and my mom met through N and I around the time on-again off-again became off-again fairly permanently.
  5. I met Stephane Dion eight years ago via my local newspaper when I was on their community editorial board - a very intelligent and good man who I wish the best of luck in becoming PM.
  6. I was named after a Fleetwood Mac song.
  7. If asked to list my two favourite musical artists, I would say Billy Joel and Eminem - how many people can say THAT? lol
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