Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Saga of the Computer

Starring me - a dolt.

So ... let's flash back to about 18 months ago. My 2-and-a-bit-year-old computer (Xmas 06 gift), which had been a bit sluggish and dud-like from the beginning, had slowed down to the point of unbearability. Between myself and one of my best friends, who is a computer genius who has a like, 99.9% record of fixing any tech problem we throw at him, we manage, in fixing it, to damage it beyond repair. I find me a 1 year old Dell Vostro laptop on Kijiji. Yes. Dolt. Nonetheless, I did due dilligence, checked the computer, checked out the family selling it, and was very happy with it. Very happy indeed. Even with little hiccups - needed to replace the AC adaptor, for example - it was by FAR the best computer I'd ever owned; satisfied with it right from the top and remained so until Thursday/Friday night.

When I turned it on, and the screen didn't light up. Machine=whirring and hiccuping and clearly 'going', but no action on the monitor. Despite the best long distance help friends (and close at hand help Ari ...) could give, the ultimate decision was made; brand new computer.

So ... yeah. Doing the math that means as of yesterday I'm on my 3rd new computer in 4 years. Boo! On the plus side? This is my first very BRAND NEW computer in 4 years, and it is lovely. I managed to skip the Vista debacle entirely and am running on a lovely new Windows 7 OS. Nice, organized, AND managed to get all of my important files transferred (yes, that's the additional complication to this story; one of my main sources of income is teaching high school courses online. So me being without a computer ... or without access to my documents file = bad news).

So I guess on the positive end of things I have a GREAT new compy. Lovesit. Still ... boo on having to replace otherwise good computers. Sucksy.

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