Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Good and the Bad

The Good - Little Tyke's first trick or treating this weekend. He enjoyed it and got a nice, toddler-sized haul. His touchy mood of the last few weeks seems to have improved, and his baby brother has learned to smile. I have been working steadily between the church and teaching, while still having plenty of time to enjoy my boys. Life has been good.

The Bad - I'm sorry, American politics is upsetting. I have enjoyed some of the past week on this score - Barack Obama going on Jon Stewart's Daily Show and performing beautifully, and the latter's Rally to Restore Sanity this weekend were highlights. Apparently, however, those messages fell on deaf ears as the not so-G-OP has taken back over the House of Representatives and picked up an unfortunate number of Senate seats. Alright, progressives - stand up, brush off, and let's start trudging towards 2012 and Obama's hopeful re-election. What's the alternative, after all, Sarah Palin? "Good policy is good politics". Just keep saying that to yourselves, and know in the end it will prove true, even if this year seems an egregious betrayal of that reality.

God bless you all. Be well. XO

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