Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy birthday little man ...

So it seems just as my actual tangible schedule frees up, other intangible things come up. You know - like, Little Tyke's second birthday! lol If you're wondering where I've been since Wednesday last, that about explains it. A couple days of housecleaning to make it sparkle before the (grand)parents came to visit. My dad and stepmom were in Friday night for dinner, and back the next day, along with my mom and step-dad, brother, Ari's parents, and my cousin Allison and her new family, to celebrate LT's birthday. Monday (yesterday) was the actual day of, and we took him to a barbecue restauranta and Megamind at the movie theatre. We are officially celebrated out up in he-ah! Last night was a 3-hour oldschool WWE Monday Night Raw I have been dying to see and we didn't even have the chance to check THAT out before passing out in exhaustion. That=tired lol. But so worth it to celebrate our favourite little Toddler. Love you LT - XO!!!

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