Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Tyke is BACK!

After a couple weeks where our little boy has not entirely fully been himself - first from teething, and then from illness, and only about 5-6 weeks after another, even more serious bout of illness - I am pleased to announce that for the first time really in about a month, our Little Tyke is back to being his smiley, happy, lovely little self, the ray of sunshine who lights up our, his grandparents', and his babysitter's life.

Now - anyone who would have seen LT over the last month or so would say that if THAT'S what we call a cranky, sick or teething baby, then we are incredibly fortunate. And we are. He's been a gem nonetheless, still playful, still smiling. But the last few days it's like any vestiges of having slowed down at all, or the wattage of his smile having dimmed a tad, have been done away with.

Welcome back LT! :)

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Anonymous said...

Im glad to hear he's doing better. YAY!!