Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Bags are Packed ...

So it's needless to say been a busy week with the school year ending tomorrow (lots of deadlines), as well as an early-morning flight to Florida. But I did want to check in and say I hope I haven't lost y'all for being so quiet, and it will be quiet for a time still again I suspect as we leave tomorrow and I haven't decided yet whether or not to bring my laptop, and even if I do, whether I will use it for much more than unloading my digital camera at day's end. It's been an up and down month or two I'm afraid with an irregular schedule and loads to do - we've gotten back on track over at In This Very Ring, but not so much here on my personal blog. So please rest assured starting mid-next week, I will be back, posting more often, and trying more variety as well - going back to talking some politics, some pop culture ... and of course, more Little Tyke, and the adventures of our little Family of 3. Until then be well and remember ... It's a Small World After All! :D

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