Sunday, June 27, 2010


The G20 and G8 meetings were held here in Canada, in the Toronto ON area this weekend. And let me say, I am highly disappointed in how they came off.

First and foremost I am disappointed in the group of protesters who got violent - who decided that the weekend was more about destroying than building; more about drowning out others' messages than elevating one of their own. They make those of us who believe in the protest movement look bad, and have to defend ourselves all the more vigorously when we go to stand, walk or otherwise act on behalf of something we believe in. Anyone else I may criticize, these people are first and foremost responsible - to say otherwise is to say a rape victim 'asks for it' because she's dressed too provocatively, or a strict teacher 'asks for' tough students because she/he is just daring them to lash back at their rules.

I am disappointed in the mixed reports I hear about the police response - either too strong or too weak, depending on the telling. Having said that, though, let me state that is not outright disappointment in law enforcement itself ... as I still have such a deep respect for the job they have, and an understanding that as soon as the protest got violent there was a no-win situation for any law enforcement officer; I commend them for doing their best under the most difficult situation.

I am also disappointed in our Conservative government for spending a ridiculous sum of money which ended up being ineffective as Toronto's downtown burned and/or came to a standstill. When it obviously didn't do the job it was intended, I'd have rather seen less money, more efficiently spent. If we expect to be taken seriously on the world stage and respected as the lovely, welcoming people we are ... we need to do a stronger job to live up to our reputation in future.

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