Saturday, June 5, 2010

This N That

  1. My son is such a narcissist. He is more likely to kiss mirrors than Mommy and Daddy these days. Although I consider it a good sign that he says "Baby" while gazing lovingly at himself these days. :)
  2. He also is a lady's man, as evidenced by his approaching, hugging and kissing a strange girl out at the indoor playground we frequent this afternoon.
  3. He is also, despite being way to young for this, already sexually confused - he did the same thing to a little boy about 5 minutes earlier.
  4. In some non-LT news ... we are less than two weeks out from (a) our trip to Florida, and (b) our 5th wedding anniversary. How awesome-possum is that?
  5. Some happy birthdays going out to my girlfriend Alex, and her little man Racer -> who is in Florida now and I'm sure having a lovely time with his grandma. :)
  6. Lastly - it has been a pretty rough couple of days around here and while I don't particularly feel like sharing the whys and wherefores, I do feel like sharing that my husband and my mother have stepped up in a bazillion ways and supported me through them. While I try to be strong and supportive of others, it is so nice to have a team of my own ... and thanks you both. XO

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Anonymous said...

1. Hahahaha way to cute. And if I were as adorable as he is, I'd be a narcissist as well.

2. Heehee. Look out Sarah! You're gonna be fighting the ladies off with a baseball bat.

3. Far too cute.

4. YAY!! Super excited for you.

5. Aww thanks darling :) I had a fantastic birthday and as far as I know, Racer is having a blast in Florida with my mom.

6. I'm sending my love, prayers and hugs to you and your family. I'm glad to hear that hubby and mommy are there for you!