Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not much to say ...

It's been a quiet week around here. Little Tyke caught a cold from us, which went to his poor little chest, leading him to be on his very first antibiotics. He's contagious, which means one or the other of us has been home with him all week, and which also means we've fallen behind in much other stuff - housework (except actual CLEANING, germ control etc.; tidying is a different matter). No biggies though, we had a really busy and exciting weekend so it hasn't been a bad time to stay home, and fairly quietly too (he hasn't exactly been Mr. Energy - although as the antibiotics are kicking in he's getting there, which is nice to see).

It's been a quiet week for work for me too, which considering LT being sick hasn't been bad - I was recovering from a cold which knocked me on my bum too, as was Ari, so really no complaints about the low-key-ness. Which should continue into the weekend - our only plan is having a couple of close friends over to test out the new back yard and barbecue for lunch on Saturday (provided LT is no longer contagious - we were going to take him to a drop-in playgroup for the first time, but thought better of it so he doesn't make the other kids sick). The rest will be getting the house back into shape after a sick week, getting back into the swing of church, and keeping up with my online school marking. And hopefully we're all back to routines - work, babysitter, etc. - next week.

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