Monday, May 24, 2010

Aaaw ...

Such a nice weekend.

  • Friday we had a nice evening with the in-laws, although tired.
  • Saturday we went to Montreal, our first overnight without Little Tyke, who stayed with his grandparents. While we stayed at kind of a skuzzy hotel, we still had a lovely time doing dinner with my family to celebrate my uncle's birthday. We hit the cobblestones on St. Arthur afterward and wandered the main before having some debaucherous fast food dessert and poutine and calling it a night.
  • Sunday my parents 'followed' us to my house where they and my in-laws prettied up our yard and threw me an early birthday celebration, cake and all. Out back, we now have a gazebo, and a barbecue (YES!). It's so super-duper nice and I loves them for doing that for me.
  • Today we took Little Tyke out to the wave pool before the in-laws headed home.
Our house is a disaster again, we're exhausted and I have a cold ... but all in the name of a lovely long weekend, it was worth it.

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